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Any excellent SEO expert for e-Commerce will emphasize the importance of analytics. But you have to make sure they’re looking at the right data. Our specialists are qualified to understand which variables are most important when it comes to getting your customers to your site and converting.

Woocommerce Audit

We start our audits with a thorough investigation of your needs and look for existing problems. We also review the overall structure of your website and look for technical SEO issues. After going through our list of more than 200 factors for on-site optimization and collecting all the necessary information, our team will detail the steps of our personalized eCommerce SEO services for your service.

Keyword Research

At Amida, we have an organized approach to keyword research analysis that boosts our ecommerce SEO services. After beginning the analysis for relevant keywords targeted at creating net new traffic, we map out keyword themes for each URL in our project. We use semantically tied keyword styles to specific URLs that drive more traffic and convert visitors into consumers.


Our next action includes targeting relevant long-tail keywords and combining them with the URLs. This method of enhancing SEO for eCommerce websites not just assists rank your business greater in search engine result, but likewise assists draw up the crucial phrases and words with the ideal competitors levels we have a possibility to rank for throughout the project.

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WooCommerce SEO


Every website can take advantage of SEO and must be continuously optimized to rank well for important target terms. As an industry or market evolves, so does search engine optimization. SEO supports the development of web authority and natural search traffic to your website.

Potential customers should be able to find your products through an online search engine. As an SEO-friendly CMS, Shopify supports you with best practices like customizable H1, title, and meta tags and SEO-friendly URL formats. Shopify also seamlessly creates sitemap.xml files so that new products and site changes are indexed and quickly appear in the online search engine. Sitemaps allow users and Google to read, understand and therefore rank pages. This is important to emphasize because Shopify is able to change at the speed of your fast-growing business, while keeping your core pages as up-to-date as possible so that you get as much commercially viable traffic as possible. Choosing the best CMS for your store is important for how SEO can be used and performed for business owners.

Working with SEO marketers who follow Google’s best practices allows Shopify customers to capture and improve as organizational patterns change over time. This is critical as SEO ensures you stay above the curve for search rankings.


While many e-commerce sites are adopting and immediately leveraging a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy to increase their store’s visibility, PPC costs are becoming increasingly expensive. Coupled with the increased costs, PPC is a non-equity building marketing channel. Once you decide to stop paying for ad positioning, your website disappears from the search results page. Imagine losing an entire marketing channel in a matter of seconds.

A recent study on buyer actions and personas found that on average, only 15% of all search engine visitors click on pay-per-click. The remaining 85% are organic results driven through the SEO channel. Buying SEO helps gain web authority and equity to develop sustainable development. In contrast, pay-per-click is only a quick and temporary fix. It delivers quick results, but can’t achieve long-term growth without an ever-growing advertising budget.

Amida supports e-commerce companies with SEO company expertise in:.

Technical SEO: This is the optimization of elements of your online store such as page titles, headings and meta descriptions. If you use these ways to improve crawl effectiveness, your pages will be indexed and ranked by Google.

Content: creating keyword-optimized text on your main pages, as well as supporting blog and other pages, is an important part of SEO technique. Content is important because it informs potential customers (and Google) about what you are dealing with and recognizes how important and authoritative your website is.

Backlinks: Hyperlinks are the foundation of SEO and key to building longevity in search results. Of the 200+ elements that impact how Google ranks websites, link-related factors account for 50-55%. Hyperlinks build relationships and authority with your website, so it’s important to have quality links pointing to you.


SEO takes some time and commitment. Ensure you have resources to handle your project and trust the process. We can see an initial “jump” within 45-180 days and after that see continual development in rankings and ROI over the subsequent months.


When you work with (most) SEO companies, you will experience some level of account management. Unfortunately, this is often a spreadsheet full of numbers sent to a client’s inbox once a month. That’s not real account management, because a spreadsheet of numbers with no explanation or context is just a spreadsheet of numbers. We call that information overload, and that’s not how we do things at Amida.

In our effort to further improve the SEO market, we have introduced Story SEO Reporting. This Amida account management quality provides a detailed report on how our SEO efforts have actually impacted your business, with a contextual explanation of what is actually going on. Other elements of SEO Reporting include:

A contextual understanding of notable gains that our efforts have actually produced, with a dedicated account manager (not a robot) talking to them about it. Insight and the ability to see every link created for the client. (Absolutely uncommon in the industry). We call this radical transparency and it’s a quality that Amida lives by.

Implementing SEO in your business is an ongoing endeavor, where the data collected is constantly changing and in turn, a deeper understanding of next steps is required. By approaching SEO reporting in this way, there are more opportunities for growth and development.

We help you to get to the top of Google

Determine the goals you want to achieve. 25% more visitors? 100 more website visitors per month? Have some numbers in mind. Only talk to companies that have proven to be effective. Doing your due diligence when choosing a service provider can help you avoid headaches and risks in the future.

Ask for proof of results and examples of services provided. If an SEO company can’t give you this information, you should go another route!

Running an eCommerce business can be overwhelming, but your website is a great foundation. Once your website is up and running, SEO companies like Amida can help you navigate the intricacies of optimization so that you, as a marketer, can focus on growing the business.

With the development of leading platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, the need for eCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is significant. Amida is one of the leading eCommerce SEO companies meeting this need. With our SEO services for eCommerce websites, we have the experience and expertise to turn your website into a sales powerhouse.

First, we take the time to understand your service. We get to know you and your brand inside and out. Who are your customers? What makes them tick? How do they get to your sites and what happens when they do? Do they stay, buy, or abandon their carts frequently? We get to the bottom of your biggest obstacles and adopt your vision for the site. To put it simply: We’ve got it.


Do a no-obligation performance analysis to determine if you’re burning money.

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